Sunday, June 6, 2010

Freshman Conference #1- CHECK!

I know I'm crazy late with this post, anyway HOWDY! I can't believe how many times I've said this since I've been here. It's becoming second nature and I don't know if I like it or not....haha just kidding. I'm still getting accustomed to all thing TAMU.

As the title says, I have experienced my first freshman orientation conference at TAMU. A very unique program and VERY different than UNC Charlotte's. It all started on Wednesday at 1:30 with the pre- conference check-in (very similar to Early Arrival) We had about 100+ students and their parents check in on this day. Later that evening, the AOLP Execs hosted a social at the Association of Former Students (The Alumni Center). This place was amazing and full of A&M history! I need to go back there on a day off and take pictures. At the back of the building, there is a gigantic size replica of the TAMU Class Ring. Once a student accumulates 90 hours (junior level) they are able to purchase their class ring. The ring looks the same for everyone, the only difference is that the year on the top changes. Here's a picture that I found online:

This is one of the coolest monuments and traditions that I have ever heard of. Almost makes me want to come to A&M for grad school just so I can get a ring...LOL. Throughout the building on the second floor, there are these portals where you can step in and learn more about the University and A&M traditions. There is also a live timeline of the evolution of the class ring, going back to 1890 all the way to 2010. Come to find out, each ring was donated to the archive by family members of a deceased Aggie. I noticed all the rings were gold, but I'm not a gold person. So I wondered if you could get it in silver. I asked the one of the directors who was working at the Association, in which she replied, "I'll show you." I got a personal tour of the 'behind the scenes' area of where they keep all of the rings that students have ordered as well as the models that they use.

The next day was the conference check in, which started at 7:30 in the morning. Which made this moring suck because it was raining the WHOLE time. We were expecting over 740 students, not including their parents/ family members. After check in, I returned to the office to finish up some work then went to work the Help Desk. In a couple of short words-- I basically didn't do anything.

After lunch, I went back to the office, from like 1:30 til 4, waiting on the next session that I had to attend on my schedule-- Dinner at Duncan Dining. During the dinner, the students went to once side of the dining hall while the parents went to the other. this way,t ehs tudents were able to split up into their color groups and meet other students in their major. After dinner, the students went into their insight groups (Small group meetings) with an OL. After the insight meetings, the students went out on the plaza to play the game An Aggie's Life for Me (similar to the game A Pirate's Life for Me, with an A&M twist). The students all went in for a program called SCI Aggieland-- a skit put on by the OLs that discussed campus issues and safety.

Then came Yell Practice....YES, YELL PRACTICE! This was by far the COOLEST THING I have ever witnessed/been apart of! Its hard to explain, therfore at the next conference, I will post a video!

On Friday, I started my workday at Howdy lunch/ Resource Fair. I must say, A&M dining is a WHOLE lot better than Chartwells! Not to disrespect good ol' Chartwells in any way, but Sbisa Dining hall got some bangin' food (but Crown Commons does have the best pizza...).

The weekend was another boring one. I hope to get out and do some shopping at the outlet mall next weekend. That's all for now....Remember...

Wear GREEN and GIG 'EM!

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