Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Final Stretch

Sup everyone. It has been a long time since the last post but not that orientation is done, I finally have some free time to catch up on things and complete a post that is probably going to take me a while to complete....LOL.
So far all is well in College Station and I'm starting to see the light to the Carolinas at the end of the tunnel. I'm ready to get back to the tastiness of Bojangles, Cook-Out milkshakes, and some GOOD Carolina BBQ and soul food. Did I mention sweet tea? Even though I did find a place here that has amazing sweet tea, nothing can compare to what the Carolinas bring. As like every other post, I have an abundant amount of photos and the stories that go along with them. Let's begin, shall we?
So for the 4th of July, I went to the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area to visit a fellow NUFP homie of mine who was completing an internship at TCU. Now I knew Charlotte had a nice campus, but TCU is off the HOOK! These photos are just of the residence halls, and the plaza:

This campus was amazing. But it also cost a pretty penny to attend since its private. The first night I got there we chilled out on campus and went to a place called:

Very cool atmosphere and some bangin' wings and located right across the street from TCU. I had a couple of drinks and my homie Long told me about their wings. Off. The. Chain. Those were some of the best Cajun flavored wings I've ever had. They had the right amount of kick and they filled you up quick. That night, we crashed early, knowing that we planned to spend the whole day in Dallas.

(Photos are from Downtown Dallas)We got to Dallas around 1, and went straight to the Galleria Dallas. A very nice mall with a feel of South Park and Concord Mills. I wanted a pair of shoes so I went to Foot Locker, found the pair I wanted, and walked out the store with them on my feet, ahaha! I felt like I was the shizznit! Next we hit up center city, expecting downtown to be jumpin' since it was the weekend of the 4th. Boy were we wrong! Downtown Dallas SUCKS. There was literally no one outside AT ALL. It wasn't hot at that day; it was a nice cool day outside. The only person we saw was a guy walking his dog. We were both pissed. We decided to leave and head back to TCU but on the way we passed some pretty cool sites:

Good ol' Cowboy Stadium....BOOO!!! I can't stand the Cowboys, but their new stadium is off the chain. That thing is massive! We thought about taking a tour of it, but tix for that were like 25 a pop. Across the street was the Texas Ranger Stadium, which was also very nice. We thought about going to the game that night, but ended up changing our minds.

We then passed Six Flags over Texas. Nothing like Carowinds or Six Flags in Atlanta. This one was much smaller and didn't look quite as fun. Down the street from it was the water park, which looked packed as hell but also fun.
I ate my first Whataburger. It was aight; I definitely thought it was going to be different but it was very similar to a BK. We got back to TCU and crashed out and decided to hit up downtown Ft. Worth later that night.
Ft. Worth is pretty awesome. It has a small town atmosphere but has like the uptown nighlife of Charlotte. There were mad crazy bars and restaurants, people walking around dancing to the music, everything. We decided to hit up this place called 8.0. Its a bar that had this outdoor patio with a live band playin' some of the big hits from the 80s and 90s. I'm talkin' old school Michael Jackson, EWF, Queen, etc. People were jumpin' out there!
I'm going to stop for now. I'm leaving for Houston this afternoon, but still have part 2 of this blog to type up. I'll do that at the hotel. Until then...
Wear GREEN, and Gig 'em!

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