Thursday, May 20, 2010

Howdy Ya'll!!

I made it to the great state of Texas! It was a lonnng drive, but I am glad to finally be here. I think that when I go back, I'm telling someone form home to come here and ride back with me....LOL.

So, to catch you up on the trip, I'll start from the beginning. I left Ninety Six (home) about 5:15 heading towards Atlanta, making sure I called my mom once I hit every state and updated my Facebook status at every stop.I hit ATL about 8ish. It was cool seeing downtown Atl and the Braves stadium. I called my mom and was like

"Are the Braves playin?"


"Well I just passed Turner Field. Just thought I would let you"

In ATL, I got on I-20 and headed west. I stopped short of the Alabama border around 10ish and filled up my tank. Once I got into Alabama, I stopped on the other side of Tuscaloosa and took a 2 hour power nap in the parking lot of a Jamison Inn Hotel. Note to self: I am NEVER sleeping in my car AGAIN. Unless, There's nothing in it and I can stretch out. Seriously, the front seat of my car was VERY uncomfortable and I woke up with a crick in my neck.

I woke up about 3am CST and drove through the state of Alabama. Nothing interesting in AL, but I really did want to take a detour and go see Univ. of Ala. and find Forest Gump (LOL). After 'Bama came good ol' Mississippi. I stopped in the town of Meridian, which form my friends, not a great place. I agree. I definitely tried to get gas, and my debit card did not work. Let's talk about being pissed at Bank of America. Apparently they thought someone took my card and used it at these different gas stations so I had to confirm that I was the one using the card. I drove all day through MS and got really upset because I didn't see the Mississippi River,unless I had driven over it during the night. By the time I was reaching the MS/ LA border, I was heated. Where in the HELLo Kitty was this monstrosity of a river?!? And then I hit it. I knew it was big, but it was MASSIVE! I could not believe my eyes. Sadly I didn't have the camera ready to take pictures but I'll make sure that i'll have it when I drive back (IF I drive back. I might find a teaching job here in Texas).

Driving through Louisiana was long and boring because I was crossing the northern part, which is also the wider part of the "boot." Very flat state. i saw signs for casinos. i started to stop and try my luck but I knew I had somewhere to be.

Coming out of LA, I rode through the town of Greenwood! I laughed once I saw the sign and then felt sad because I knew I am going to miss home and the people I love. right as I exited the town, I finally Hit the Texas border!

After 12 hours of driving, I FINALLY get to Texas, and still had 5 more hours to drive before I got to College Station. Texas has some of the LONGEST AND most BORING roads I have ever driven on! About every 5 or 10 miles I would pass a Ranch and maybe hit a small town. And none of the roads had names. Like, they were all FM something or CO RD Something ( I later found our that FM was Farm and CO was County).

About 4 hours and 45 minutes later. I finally made to College Station and the campus of TAMU. What an amazing campus! Its massive and is full of history. I made it to Cain Hall (Home of NSP) and met the staff, where they greeted me with an amazing Welcome basket with a t-shirt, tally- towel, and some of my favorite things (Orbit gum, Apple juice, and HARIBO GOLD BEARS!!!) Later that evening, I got unpacked and finally settled in my room.

OH! I did have to visit the office and get all of my paperwork done. And guess what, didn't have my SSC...WTF?!?!? Luckily all I was doing that day was unpacking and getting settled in.

There is more to come....I'll still have to tell you about the first day and meeting the AOLPs.

Until then...Wear GREEN and GIG'EM!

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